Family winery "Stoyan and sons" Tradition in wine production "Shutaroski"

A few words about our winery​

Located in the immediate vicinity of the cave church of St. Erasmus with a view to the blueness of the Ohrid lake and the white peaks of the Jablanica mountain, there lives an interesting story about wine that we want to share with all well-wishers and positive people of today’s life. We have opened new doors to the long-written history of the heat of the Chekoshtina sun.

Vancho and Nikolce Shutaroski are the two protagonists who will guide you in a new wine experience. Heirs of Stojan, the reason for the wine fellowships and friendships. Vancho as a graduate manager in customs and forwarding, and Nikolce as a doctor of dentistry, began to live the long-standing wine dream.

A family production inherited from our grandfather, perfected by our father and with our commitment to preserving the family values expressed through wine will be a great challenge.

Faced with the challenge of abandoning the wine tradition or fighting to maintain it, we decided to accept the challenge and open a family winery “Stojan & sons”, which was registered in January 2022.

At the “S&S” Family Winery, you will find all the artifacts and tools that served to process the vines and make wine and brandy, which were used by the family for decades.

We have a vineyard of the Vranec, Prokupec, Muscat, Ohrid white, and Ohrid black varieties. This region provides conditions for the ripening of grapes in dry and hot summers and mild winters, with an average amount of precipitation. The uniqueness and refinement of our wines are not only due to quality raw materials but also to the amount of love put into the production process.

We are available just 10 minutes from the city center. Nearby there are several landmarks such as the Church of St. Erasmus, an early Christian basilica and the Altanin Bridge as a cultural and historical treasure.

S&S Winery

Tradition in wine production - Shutaroski

"Chekostina" - Ohrid, Macedonia

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